Our Latest Adventures

Anilao, PI Spring 2016
This is why we dive! So much life here.
Cambodia/Laos Winter 2015
Our bucket list trip to Angkor Wat
Nagano Feb 2015
A day with the snow monkeys and touring Japan in winter.
Thai Wedding Summer 2014
Dan&Nan's wedding and trip to Chang Mai
Okinawa Tour. Christmas 2013
Jim & Nancy visited and "forced" us to see our island!
Thanksgiving '13 in Taiwan
Awesome scenery, great friends = wonderful trip!
Climbed Mt. Fuji. Summer 2013
We finally crossed 'Climb Mt. Fuji' off our bucket list!
Beautiful Yokosuka. Summer 2013
Where the heck is Yokosuka? We were very happy to find out!
National Park RV Tour 2013
5 people, 1 RV, 10 National Parks. AWESOME!
Osaka, Spring 2013
To Osaka to see the cherry blossoms. We were not disappointed at all.
Kyoto, Fall 2010
One of the most beautiful places on earth. Here's proof!

Home Page


Welcome to our web page!
We are so glad to have this opportunity to share our experiences, dive photos and adventures with you. Karin's job and Gary's busy retirement keeps us from seeing you very often, but thanks to E-mail, Facebook, and our web page, we can still keep in touch with you. Please take some time to enjoy the various photos and stories from our latest travels. Then send us an E-mail to not only let us know what your impressions of it are, but also to let us know what has been going on in your life.
Remember, also, that no matter where our home is located, we have a guest room just waiting for our friends and family! Please feel free to come visit us and share in our adventures!

Climbing Mt. Fuji, Japan
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Top of the Zugspits in Germany



Hunting Manta Rays in Hawai'i


Exploring Thailand


Seeing the Fall leaves in Kyoto