Saipan '02

Saipan. Another one of those "escape from Seoul" trips. Just us... and 5 other teachers. We didn't get the sun we were hoping for but at least it was warm. Besides, who needs great weather when you spend the day vegg-ing in the hotel watching back-to-back American cooking shows all day. Ahhh, vacation!
We were able to fit two dives into our hectic schedule. One of them just happens to be classified as one of the top-3 in the world! The Blue Grotto of Saipan. A little tricky to get to but well worth the climb. Our dive guides, Sid and Pat, were great. Safe, funny and the undisputed Bubble Ring Kings!
On our last day we hired a taxi to take us around the island. We hit all of the hot spots. Bird Island Lookout, Suicide Cliff, Banzai Cliff, and lunch at the Coffee Care. Weird name but fantastic food!

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Saipan. Another one of those "escape from Seoul" trips.