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San Juan Is. Sailing '07

In June/July '07 we made our annual trip to the States to visit family and friends. First we went to San Antonio to visit with our old friends the Ivies and Karin's brother Erik. Next we went to Washington. We put about 1500 miles on our rental car traveling all over S.W. and N.W. Washington. We had great weather almost every day. We spent a week looking at property around Portland and then drove up to Birch Bay for a week in our timeshare with family. Then we spent a week on the 50' sailboat Hopscotch exploring the San Juan Islands with more family. 
  After Washington, Dan and Gary met up in San Francisco and flew together to Okinawa while Karin went to the East coast. Dan stayed for a month. Dan's friend Hiroto came down from Tokyo for a couple days to visit, tour and snorkle around Oki.

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  In June/July '07